Explore Lopar and Rab

They call the island of Rab a “happy island”, for good reason.

The town of Lopar

The town of Lopar is located on the island of Rab, located in the Kvarner group of islands. It is 110 km from the administrative center of Rijeka, 190 km from Zagreb.
You can reach Lopar by ferry Stinica – Misnjak, where the ride takes about ten minutes or, more and more interesting to the guests due to the proximity of Rijeka and the airport, the ferry line Valbiska (on Krk) – Lopar, where the extremely attractive ride takes about fifty minutes. Arriving by car from the direction of Rab, we first come across the feature of Sv. Marin, a stonemason and founder of Rep. San Marino, born just in Lopar in the 4th century. In his honor, the hotel resort and campsite are named “San Marino”.

Lopar is full of beautiful sandy beaches. There are as many as 22, 3 of which are nudist (Gypsy, Sahara and Stolac). The largest and most famous Lopar beach is “Paradise beach”, 1.5 km long, along which are located the most important tourist facilities of the place, which since 2003 has been awarded the “Blue Flag”, an international symbol of quality and environmental protection and the safety of bathers.

Lopar is also known for one natural phenomenon – the underwater cave “Honey Buža”, otherwise a habitat of the Mediterranean Bear, where weddings are organized for sensation lovers.

More than 17 centuries ago, little Marin was born in Lopar. Growing up and growing into a mature young man, he practiced the stonemason’s craft and, in search of work, traveled even to the opposite side of the Adriatic, to the shores of the Apennine Peninsula, near present-day Rimini. With his diligence and virtue, he soon gained the love of the Christian community there and became deacon to Bishop Gaudience there. Persecuted for preaching Christianity, he fled shortly to Titan’s hard-to-reach hill and built a church there. These were the foundations upon which the present-day city of San Marino later emerged and the state of the same name, where the last of the saints’ remains are still preserved.

The island of Rab

Rab, from its 30 sandy beaches, is truly a “happy island” with many small picturesque bays, recognized by tourists from around the world almost 125 years ago. The tradition continues today, thanks to the crystal clear, warm and shallow sea, Rab is an ideal destination for the whole family.

The island of Rab is part of the Kvarner Bay archipelago in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea. In addition to the small town of Rab, there are 7 other idyllic towns located on different parts of the island: Barbat, Banjol, Palit, Kampor, Mundanije, Supetarska Draga and Lopar.

The island of Rab has approximately 9000 inhabitants, mainly engaged in agriculture, fishing and tourism. The tradition of organized tourism on the island is more than 125 years old and started with the activities of the “Society for the Advancement of the Island and its Environment”, which was founded in 1889.

The reasons for the development of tourism on the island that are still relevant today are the following: pleasant climate, favorable island conditions that affect respiratory and cardiac diseases. Such a long tradition of providing the high quality services on offer is not only the result of the skill, experience and hospitality of the islanders, passed down from generation to generation, but also the result of the founding of the “Tourist School”, which is highly respected today and which we are proud of.

The traditional hospitality and polyglot virtues of the inhabitants of Rab will make you become a part of their family and after a while you will feel like a “born” resident of the island! We sincerely hope that these web pages will encourage you to think of the island of Rab as your next destination and that we will have the honor of being your hosts and giving you the opportunity to have a pleasant and enjoyable stay on the island of Rab.

Paradise beach (Rajska plaža)

Rab cake, medieval alleys and enchanting nature are the main attributes of the beautiful island of Rab. Sandy Paradise Beach should definitely be on your list of summer destinations.

Paradise Beach is 1500 meters long and barefoot walking along the coast is a memorable experience. Still, if it’s been too hot for days, the sand could be glowing. In this case, go for a walk in your shoes. It is located in the northeast part of the island. She is a proud owner of the Blue Flag, which guarantees the purity of the sea and other natural environments, and is also listed on CNN’s “100 Best Beaches in the World”.

What to do on the island of Rab


The most attractive summer event in the town of Rab is a three-day event that revives medieval history in Rab. For three days and three nights, all the Regiment of Rab (from 25.07. To 27.07) and all its guests celebrate two great holidays – Dies Victoraie and Dies Natalis – which the Grand Council of the City of Rab proclaimed in honor of King Ljudevit the Great, who liberated Rab from the Venetians and holy memory and honor of St. To Christopher whose intercession Rab was freed from Norman in 1075. The days of the Middle Ages on Rab took the opportunity to embark on a time machine that took Rab back ten centuries. Throughout the medieval story, for three days, stone-cutters, lace-makers, painters, musicians, medars, ceramists, glagolitists and carpenters, blacksmiths and florists could be encountered in the squares and streets of Rab …


An unforgettable event in the town of Rab are the Rab’s’ Knight Games (restored in 1995), which have been held since 1364, and are a remembrance of the knight’s defense of the city in the ancient past. An exceptional feature of the picturesque medieval ceremony is the ancient crossbows, which use only ballasters from San Marino at their games. They are held several times a year on St. Christopher on Rab: First Saturdays. after May 9, May 30, July 27, August 15.


Biking is a special experience on Rab. With many small roads, paths and paths, alternating landscapes of the coast, Mediterranean forests and coastal karst. Rab is a cycling oasis for all lovers of cycling.

As well as cycling, hiking and hiking trails give hiking enthusiasts great opportunities. Particularly noteworthy are the hiking trails in Lopar, the Kristofor Forest, the seaside promenade “Lungo mare” in Banjole and Barbat, the hiking trail to the largest peak of the island, …

Diving activities have developed a lot lately. There are a growing number of visitors opting for this type of vacation. A large number of sunken ships as well as natural submarine reliefs have been discovered in the underwater area around Rab. In addition to basic training and equipment rental, there are advanced diving schools as well as complete diving arrangements.

Rab, as a place on the sea, offers excellent opportunities for almost all types of water sports. Windsurfing is especially favored by the weather in months; May and September, but also in other months. In addition to sailing, there are possibilities for renting various motor vehicles, jet skis, kayaks, pedal boats. Then water skiing, riding on rubber bananas, parachuting, aquagana and more …

There are several tennis courts on the island of Rab. In addition to tennis courts, it is possible to get hours of tennis, sparring partners as well as renting tennis rackets. Larger tennis complexes are in Lopar – San Marino Hotel Resort, in Kampor on the Suha Punta area, and in Rab on the playground next to the Imperial Hotel.

Rab has excellent conditions for this type of recreation, especially highlighting the large sandy beach Paradise beach in Lopar (where every year the championship of Croatia is held), then the sandy beach in Kampor and others.
On Rab there are conditions for playing football, basketball, handball … Due to its climate and natural conditions, Rab provides opportunities for the preparation of athletes throughout the year. There is also a famous soccer tournament in Lopar during the Feast of Our Lady. Moto-cross and off-road competitions have started taking place in Rab in the last couple of years. Particularly noteworthy is the trail at Mag Cove along the seashore. In addition to the above options, you can practice bowling, miniature golf and table tennis, water slide, paintball center, …

In the tourist offer of the island it is especially worth mentioning many beautiful and unforgettable daily excursions for exploring the island of Rab and its surroundings: sightseeing of the old town of Rab, panoramic boat ride, boat ride around the island of Rab, excursions to neighboring islands; Kosljun, Losinj, sightseeing of the seabed. Visits to neighboring national parks Paklenica, Kornati and Plitvice Lakes. Fishpicnic.
For one-day boat trips, it is enough to take a stroll around Rab’s waterfront, where almost all excursion boats are moored and see the offer they offer. Prices range from 100 to 300 Kn, depending on which trip is made and which boat is selected. One of the special experiences is a ride with small taxi boats known for Rab’s “barcarioli”, sightseeing of small beautiful bays, Zavratnica fjord, fishing in the surroundings and company of the Rab host.


In Rab, as in other places by the sea, gastronomic customs, a traditional way of preparing food and nutrition, are of particular importance. The very location of the island is also conditioned by a diet that inseparably relies on seafood and the Mediterranean environment. As the traditional way of life on the island relied on fishing and seafood and agriculture, so in this day and age such a way of life leaves a deep mark. Fish and seafood are a basic food item in the diet of both the local population and the large number of visitors and tourists who come to Rab. From the sardine, the Keeper of the Poor Islanders, through the octopus, the scorpion to the Tooth-fish emperor, there is a range of seafood dishes. Various brothels, octopus salad, octopus with eggs, stuffed squid, mussel buzzards, grilled blue fish, fish scallops, fish salad, marinade, roasted tuna and many other methods of preparation will certainly not fail you in the island restaurants and in many island households. Culinary skills and top-notch service in the cozy Mediterranean atmosphere of the restaurants and catering facilities of the island of Rab guarantee the supreme satisfaction of the traditional meal preparation of natural and healthy seafood and Rab gardens!

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